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funding  gaps don’t 
have to be a big deal

Secure second mortgage funding and bridging loans to help with your loan to value requirements.

The Loan Club’s Mortgage Gap Loans and Bridging Loans help mortgage brokers get more deals done. When clients fall short of lending criteria our loans can give you and your customer the funding needed for successful mortgage deals. 


We can help you close the gap and close the deal

Is your client just short of the LVR (Loan to Value Ratio) needed?

Are you unsure if LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance) is in the best interest for your client?

Are the other alternatives unfavourable?

Mortgage brokers who are members of The Loan Club may access bridging loans that solve these problems. All mortgage deals are client-friendly, flexible and fast to assess. Most importantly, we put people first, ensuring our loans meet their needs while helping you meet yours. We make the application process simple for you and your client.

Close the gap

Just the loan you need when they are just short

As a member of The Loan Club, you can offer your customers more options to ensure
a successful mortgage application. Our loans work for your clients and you.

Extensive Loan Options

From amounts of $20,000 to $200,000 we can help with a range of loans

Fully Independent

Funding decisions are made by us. If we can help you, you can trust that we will.

Tailored Loan Terms

Loan terms (up to 5 years) that work for your clients, giving them manageable repayments

Fast Reponse

When you call us, we can give you an indicative approval in hours, not days

Fully Accredited

With our Australian credit licence we can offer personal and business loans

Fantastic Incentives

You'll be treated with integrity and professionalism and rewarded for successful settlements

Over 20 years helping
brokers help their clients

We aren’t new on the block. We’ve built our business over decades of responsible, fit-for-purpose lending. By only working with selected mortgage brokers, offering loans that truly work for their clients, we’ve helped hundreds of people secure finance from first and second mortgages, business loans and personal consumer finance when they may otherwise have been declined.

  • We are selective about who joins our club

  • We go above and beyond for the people we work with

  • You get personal, prompt and professional service

  • You benefit from more ways to help more people

  • Our members are rewarded when they refer the right clients.

We always act with your clients' best interest in mind. 

Who is The Loan Club for?

  • You bring a minimum 3 years of experience, or have strong, suitable references

  • You hold professional indemnity insurance

  • Terms & conditions apply

We work with selected mortgage brokers. The Loan Club only partners with brokers who share our philosophy of putting people first and who have their clients best interest at heart, actively seeking the best way to secure their mortgage, business or consumer loan.

By joining The Loan Club, you'll have direct access to our loan officers who will help you promptly when you need assistance. So while you may not need a Mortgage Gap Loan today, when you have a client who does we'll be waiting and ready to help. 


We help mortgage brokers who meet the following criteria:

Want to get more deals done?
Get in touch today.

If you would like more information or to speak with us about Mortgage Gap Loans or our other loan products please complete the form below.

By joining The Loan Club we'll be able to help you and your clients quickly when you need us. 
If you qualify and would like to join, r
egistration is free and simple.

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